As most major passages in life, it is good to consider and plan for the celebration of a marriage in a deliberate way, with ample time. FLCR’s pastor prefers to work with couples desiring to be married at First Lutheran at least four months in advance of the wedding. Sessions include pre-marital counseling as well as planning the practical details of the wedding ceremony. A rehearsal is normally held the evening before the wedding.

There are fees for the use of the facilities and various honorariums, depending on the staff involved. You may check with the church office for a current schedule of fees. In all cases, the church’s music director acts as the couple’s primary resource for appropriate music and for contracting with any associated musicians (e.g., vocalists, trumpet, violin) for the service in consultation with the couple. In the event the family desires that someone besides the music director play the wedding, the director’s honorarium is still the family’s responsibility, both for the required consultation and for the amount the director normally receives for playing a wedding.

This congregation may be a venue, as well, for the blessing of same-sex couples. Such a ceremony must be planned well in advance in order to meet consultation guidelines and to create an original service.