Past and Present Church Seasons

Advent & Christmas 2010

Lent & Easter 2010

Lent & Easter

For Lent 2010, First Lutheran's choir, under Mr. Bill Hively has producted some wonderful liturgial music. In the spirit of the season, the music is somber and reflective. A perfect example of this is In the Time of Lent, written by the Reformation Lutheran Organist, Mrs. Mildred Benke, prior to Reformation's incorporation into First Lutheran in 1972. This is typical of the strong musical tradition that characterizes our church in particular and Lutheranism in general.

The Lenten Prayer writen by Pergolessi (1710 - 1736) is another mediative piece, whose mood recalls Christ's trial in the wilderness and His suffering in the Cross.

Jesus is a Rock is a traditional American ballad, whose slow temp emphasizes Christ's constancy in a world where suffering and disappointment are all too common

This somber music of Lent will seque to music that is far more joyous Easter Sunday

The Easter Season 2013 Worship Schedule at FLCR

All are invited to join us for Easter Week services. If you are a Lutheran who wishes to reconnect with their roots in the heart of Swedish New Britain, we will welcome your return home.

  • Feb 13 2013 ~ Ash Wednesday 7PM

  • Mar 24 2013 ~ Passion/Palm Sunday 9:00 AM

  • Mar 28 2013 ~ Maundy Thursday 7:00 PM

  • Mar 29 2013 ~ Good Friday Ecumenical Service, 12-3 PM

  • Mar 30 2013 ~ Easter Vigil 7:00 PM

  • Mar 31 2013 ~ Easter Sunday – Festival services of worship at 9 AM

  • ~ Laying on of Hands for Healing

  • ~ Race in the Park on Saturday

  • May 19 2013 ~ Pentecost Sunday