Vacation Bible School

We invite children of all ages to participate in church school every Sunday morning from 10:15 to 11:00 during the school year. Children are an important part of every congregation and here at FLCR our mission is to introduce students to God’s word through a rotating, center-based curriculum. Children are grouped by age and ability and “travel” through three centers, Word, Witness, and Service. Each center presents the same lesson through different teaching models. We encourage our children to become familiar with the Bible and also teach them how the stories are relevant to their own daily lives. Our middle school children are in a self-contained program geared to their learning and social needs, following the same lessons but presented at their own maturity levels.
A detailed schedule is available, one for fall curriculum, one for spring, that includes dates, times, locations, lessons, and special events.
Every Sunday we are in the lower level classrooms, just follow the signs or the joyous noise, and join the exciting experiences we have sharing our Lord’s words, stories and love.